Opal (Candy x Max) has been a very good Obedience student.  She enjoys going to class with her mom Lisa and always does her homework!  This team definitely has a bright future in Obedience!!



Luchan’s Venus In Blue Jeans



Jasper (Candy x Max) and Steph live nearby, so I get to see this handsome dude regularly.  He keeps busy by terrorizing the wildlife but in his down time, he attends obedience classes to remind him to be civilized!!  He is a wild child, and gets bored easily so Steph is always on her toes!  Steph is thinking to try Agility classes to burn off some of that extra energy!  Don’t get me wrong though… he’s a cuddler in disguise! 😉

Luchan’s Vickers Viscount












Tatu (Candy x Max) continues to impress with all her hard work.  She’s still a baby but is learning the ropes out in the field and developing her obedience ring skills.  Ellen does all the training with Tatu, in between judging dog shows and competing in Obedience and conformation with her other dogs.  I love getting updates on this Team… they are going to do great things together because Tatu LOVES her birds!!!  (If she can stay off the kitchen table that is!)













Luchan Ariell’s Last Light 





River was bored and decided to do something she loves….. RUN!!   That’s about the easiest way for the Moose to get a Title… for speed!  Here she easily gets her Novice Sprinter Title in 3 straight runs.

Can CH Luchan’s Need No Stink’N Rules SH, WCX, GRCC VC, NS, Am TKN, CGCA





Maggie (Sky x Knot) adds to her Tracking, Trick and Scent Detection Titles by still going out and having fun competing in Agility down in the US!  She is still the happiest gal around and reminds me every day how much she looks like her mom Sky.  Hugs to Maggie and her owner Suzanne for continuing to have fun out there!  Maggie, like her brothers and sisters, will be a Veteran this year!  How did that happen!





Venus (Comet x Orion) and Ellen are enjoying both the Obedience ring and the Field.  Venus has loved chasing ducks since she started training as a youngster and currently has her Junior Hunter and Working Certificate Titles so far!  They are now working towards Venus’s Senior Hunter title.  When she isn’t in the field, Venus can be found in the Obedience ring and to date has obtained her CD Title with a High In Trial (HIT) along the way!

I am so proud of these two and I know they have so much more on their agenda!!

Luchan Prettyriver Final Countdown JH WC CD


The two sisters competing!  Venus (L) and Ryder (R)



Ryder (Comet x Orion) and Lorrie have been out conquering the Obedience ring, one Title at a time.  At just over 3 years of age Ryder now has her CDX title and is currently #4 Golden in Ontario!  Just for funsies. she got both her Rally Novice Title and Rally Intermediate Titles in straight runs on one weekend, and then marched right on to their Rally Advanced Title next!  Keep up the great work you two… and watch out Obedience world… Team Ryder is coming at ya! 

Luchan N Prettyriver’s Rider’s On The Storm CDX RA CGN




At the 2023 GRCC National and Regional Specialties, Mason came out of retirement for this special occasion.  He was entered both days in the Veteran’s 11+ class and won 1st place each day!  Moo was so happy to be in the ring again as he always loves the attention, and he received wonderful compliments from the judges on well he performed for a guy that’s 12 1/2 years old!  This was a reunion of sorts for Mason and his pal Shelly Blom as they trained many years ago for his WCI field title. He was also shown on a custom show lead that Shelly made for him many years ago.

Boy oh boy was this a tearjerker for me and for all his fans from way back when.  It was a day I will never forget!

Can Ch Prettyriver Blunose Ambercroft WCI, JH, RN, CCA, CGN, TT, GRCC VC, CKC VN



Well…after a REALLY long Covid break, our dogs got right back out there again in 2021!!  Here’s what our Luchan team has been up to!….


River completes her Championship in short order!  3 weekends out with her pal Jen and it’s a wrap!  Our ‘Moosifer’ is now…

Can CH Luchan’s Need NO Stink’n Rules  SH WCX




Ledger (Knot x Sky) completed his Grand Championship this year amongst other things…and is now formally, and very proudly known as…


***All owner handled!!  Way to go Laurie!…so proud of you two!***



Cruz (Knot x Sky)…as usual…is always looking for something to do.  So in 2021, he decided to keep Cheryl out at dog events for the entire summer!  I am very proud to see the results of his persistence!  He worked hard at his field work (his favourite thing) and completed his first HRC Title!  He ran super dee duper fast at his Sprinter events for his Novice Sprinter Title…and wins a 5 point major as WINNERS DOG at our GRCGT Specialty 2021 for his first set of points!  What an amazingly proud breeder moment…despite the rain!  That makes two consecutive Winners Dog wins for Luchan boys at our Golden Specialties!  But wait!….he’s not finished yet!  Cruz then finished his Championship at his next two Specialties at the Wildwood Shows.  3 days, 3 wins!  Woohoo guys!  Well done!  All of these wins has qualified Cruz for the Golden Retriever Club of Canada’s Versatility Certificate!  A breeder’s mission for sure!   Cruz is now formally known as…

SHR CH Luchan Hallmark NO Turnin’ Bck WCI, CA, JH, ETD, NS, VC

***All owner handled***


Candy (Puzzle x Sky) came out for some fun this year too!  She took Best Field Dog at our Golden Specialty and then finished her Championship at the Trillium Shows this fall on Halloween!  She had so much fun with our friend Jennifer Remazki in the ring.  This was such a special and important win for Prettyriver and Luchan.  She is such a doll!!!!!  This Championship qualified Candy for the Golden Retriever Club of Canada’s Versatility Intermediate Certificate and her mother SKY is now a qualified OD (Outstanding Dam)!  Not bad after having a beautiful litter of puppies in August 2020!  My heart is happy.  Here is….

CH Prettyriver’s Crush at Luchan RE JH WCI CD CCA CGN VCI



Our girl River (Knot x Sky) was working very hard this year with Shelly Blom, to brush up her field skills after a year away from competition due to the pandemic.  She was successful at obtaining her final Senior Hunter leg for her highest field title yet!  So proud of this girl!…she loves ducks, mud, stinky ponds, and her Aunt Shelly!  I love watching this girl work!   River was also introduced to her first All Breed conformation show this year and obtained her first major win for 3 points at the Georgina Shows!  She had a blast with her dog show pal Jennifer Remazki!!  Hoping to keep up the momentum and finish her Championship very soon.  Here is our Moose…

Luchan’s Need NO Stink’n Rules SH, WCX


Little Wrigley (Sheamus x Candy) made her Sprinter, field and show ring debut this year and knowing this little “thang”…she is going to be a real go-getter!  She is game for anything and reminds so much of her momma Candy!  Introducing…

Prettyriver Luchan Dble Ur Pleasure



Venus (Orion x Comet) is working on her fieldwork skills in 2021 with her mom Ellen and they train with the amazing Shelly Blom.  I see some field titles in her near future, so look out 2022!!  In the meantime, little Venus is a proud obedience class graduate!  So serious (but we know better…right Ellen?)  Love her!!  At only 6 months of age, here is…

Luchan Prettyriver Final Countdown


Cruz and Cheryl had an amazing year in 2019!  Cruz completed his Advanced and Expert Trick Dog Title, his Level 2 Agility, his WCI Title AND his JH Title!  This is a tireless owner handler team…and I am sure they are set to dive into 2020 with even more accomplishments!  



Handsome Ledger completes his CD Title and will be working towards his field titles in 2020! He and Laurie were busy busy busy in 2019 as Ledger also completed his Championship (and now has 14 Grand Championship points!), his Rally Novice Title, his Advanced Trick Dog Title, his Novice Sprinter Title AND his Level 2 Tracking!  I’m exhausted just listing this Team’s accomplishments!  As always…Ledger is owner handled to all of his Titles and I could not be more proud of Laurie!  Congratulations on your successes in 2019! Look out 2020…here comes Ledger!!



River was working very hard during the 2019 Hunt Test season and obtained her WCX along with 3 legs of her SH Title. She will be out again in Spring 2020 to finish that last Title leg! Good girl “Moose!”




May 2019: Well Dash has started the 2019 trial season off with a bang!  The Rebel Boy went down to the US at the beginning of May to compete in the Michigan Nosework Competitions and…as you can see…he came home with very successful results!!  Dash completed his UKC Superior Container Title (SC), his Superior Exterior Title (SE) and his Advanced Vehicle Title (AV).  The big ribbon here was for his High -in-Trial score!  Nice work Dash!  He looks pretty pleased with himself…and rightly so!    He’ll be working towards his Superior, Master and Elite level Titles in 2019!   I can’t wait to see Dash’s next ribbon board!



October 2018: Well look who’s been “Dash’n” around at the Nosework Trials lately?  Congratulations to Dash and his folks on having fun AND earning his UKC Advanced Exterior (AE) Title!!  True to his name…Dash racked up two High in Trial rosettes for the fastest times in his Advanced Exterior and Novice Vehicle trails!  Look at all those ribbons!  Goldens love doing this sport and this talented boy will be getting his Nosework Champion Title (NCH) in no time!!




Sweet sweet Candy (Sky x Puzzle) was training hard this summer (actually…it comes pretty easy to her!) with co-breeder / owner Gord K. and was successful in obtaining her WCI Title in August 2018!  She loves fieldwork best but afforded me the opportunity to show off just how pretty she is at the 2018 Southwestern Ontario Sporting Dog Specialty.  She was awarded Best of Winners for a 4pt major under respected sporting judge Gordon Hayburn!   We are well under way to her Championship now!



Maggie (Sky x Knot) was the “thinker” in her litter, so decided to be the first smartypants in her litter to obtain a Title.  Because Maggie lives in the U.S…her first accomplishment was the AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Title and she earned it at only 7 months of age!  Maggie will fool most folks into “thinking” she is always a “Good Citizen” but her owners Suzanne and Greg G. are witness to her rough house antics with her more senior housemate Dasher.  Congratulations Maggie and Suzanne for a successful 2018 and I won’t be surprised at all to see Maggie with some Agility Titles in 2019.  I “think” she’ll do just fine!



Ledger (Sky x Knot) has been so busy in 2018 and he has decided to try out Tracking, Obedience, Fieldwork and the Show Ring!  This boy is so enthusiastic about anything he tries and I think 2019 will be bringing him many many accolades!  He is attempting to finish his Championship in 2018 and currently sits on 8 pts!…all owner handled!  Congratulations to Ledger and owner Laurie W. on all your hard work!!…he’s hard to keep up with!


Dash (Sky x Knot) was our “Rebel Boy” and is not only a handsome boy…he has been working with his owner Janet B. and has successfully obtained his UKC Novice Nosework Exterior (NE) Title at only 9 months of age!  He is also working on his Novice Vehicle,  Novice Interior and Novice Container Titles!  I doubt his people are able to hide treats in their house with much success! 

Nosework titles involve timed events, so speed is a definite factor here!… so I’m sure having a name like “Dash” can only benefit him!!  Congratulations Dash and Janet!  Onward and upward with those upcoming Titles!



River had a busy busy year in 2018.  This little girl LOVES her fieldwork …so much so…she has been out training with her professional trainer Sandie Bond.  River traveled to New Brunswick to get her first 2 JH legs and then came back in the fall to let me finish both her WC and JH Titles.  Not a girl to settle for only these titles, she also ran a WCI test with Shelly Blom and brought home another Title.  3 Titles since May 2018…Wowsers!!



Our boy Mason is still as CRAZY about chasing ducks at 7 years of age as he was as a puppy!!  He worked very hard with his pal Shelly Blom and after some fine tuning over the summer, he was able to focus his enthusiasm and obtain his WCI Title in September 2018!  This is Mason’s 9th Title! 🙂  Yay Moo-Man!!



Above…Gambit (Sky x Knot) decided to try his hand at a dog show in June 2018.  His first dog show weekend resulted in Gambit taking a 5pt major at The Golden Retriever Club of Greater Toronto’s Specialty show by taking  Winners Dog!  What a debut!!  Good boy Gambit!  Congratulations to his owners Gen and Vaesna! 


Lark (Sky x Puzzle) is a workaholic!  She will be a superstar in the Obedience ring in 2019, and we hope to finish her Championship if she has time!  She takes her field work very seriously and in September 2018, received her well deserved WCI Title (above).  Congratulations to Lark and Cheryl I.  I can’t wait to see what 2019 holds for this energizer bunny!!


Cruz (Sky x Knot) was a busy boy in 2018!  His enthusiasm to participate in anything he was introduced to was amazing and he was able to obtain his first JH leg (left), his WC Title (right) as well as his first CA (Chase Ability) leg (centre).  Yup!…this boy loves to move!  Congratulations to Cheryl W. and Cruz!





Mason wins Best Gun Dog at the Golden Retriever Club of Canada’s National Specialty, Sept. 17, 2016! 


Mason is invited to be Test Dog for the GRCGT’s WC Test at the National Specialty, Sept 19, 2016!…and he had a blast!  He’ll volunteer for anything if it has to do with chasing ducks!


Even little Candy (Sky x Puzzle) had a great Specialty weekend as she earns her very first title at 7 months old!  She easily obtained her WC title and her mom Sky and I are SO very proud!!

BELOW, handsome Rascal wins Best Field Dog at both the GRCC National Specialty and the Regional Specialty!


BELOW, Mason is invited to be the Test Dog for the GRCGT’s 2016 Hunt Test and does a spectacular job!!  Go Moo-man!!



Mason JH


***Mason completed the final 2 legs of his Junior Hunter Title at the Mountain Valley Retriever Training Club Trials on June 18 and 19, 2016!  He has been working hard with me in obtaining this title and I couldn’t be more proud!  Mason’s smile says it all!!  Spectacular work on his part!***

                              GrandChampCreditValleyEd                                                                                                                                                                                                      Rascal                                                                           

                                                     GCh Prettyriver Imp O’Ambercroft CD WC JH RA CGN CCA AmWC

Sky’s brother Rascal recently finished his Grand Championship at the Credit Valley Dog shows in November.  He is an amazing, versatile boy as you can see by the Titles he has earned…most of them in 2015 alone!  And he’s only 2 years old!  Handsome cuddle-bug!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


         Here, Rascal wins the Gun Dog class at the GRCGT Regional Specialty 2015

DSC_2967   DSC_3076


                     GCh Prettyriver Noel O’Ambercroft  RA, WC, JH, CD

Noel is Sky and Rascal’s mother and is one of my favourite all time Goldens.  She takes everything in stride and stresses about nothing.  Noel is a consistent winner in the Specialty ring and the pictures shown above show her winning Best of Opposite Sex in Specialty (BOSS) and Select Bitch this summer for the second year in a row!  She obtained her Junior Hunter Title (JH) this summer in three straight passes. Her Grand Championship was easily obtained last year in 3 weekends of showing with 3 Specialty Select Bitch wins, a BOSS, followed by a Best of Breed the following weekend.  I am truly grateful to have been able to show this lovely girl and I look forward to bringing her out in 2016 for the Veterans class!

Sky Specialty 2015

Sky gets a piece of the action at the GRCC and GRCGT Regional Specialties in 2015 by winning the Canadian Bred Bitch class both days.  She is becoming a real show girl and will resume her quest for her Championship after her upcoming litter.



Ch Prettyriver Cailin Alainn WC, RA, CD, CGN

Bella finishes her Championship at the Scarborough Kennel Club on March 13, 2016.

This classy little girl is true to the Golden standard and was very much appreciated by respected movement specialist judge Dr. Terill  Udenberg, DVM.