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  1. An outstanding breeder, who pays attention to breeding lines, puppy care and development. Shortly after a litter is born human socialization, mental stimulation and environmental stimulants are carefully considered and introduced on a well thought out schedule. Much attention is given to a new littler to ensure each puppy is healthy and thriving. Puppies are purposely aligned to owners, based on buyer expectation and puppy personality. I have had the pleasure of meeting the breeder, but as importantly, her male and female dogs, all of which are exceptionally well trained and very typical to the Golden personality. If you are looking for a Golden Retriever, this is a breeder I would highly recommend. I have been a dog owner most of my life and have met or know many breeders, so feel very comfortable making this recommendation.

  2. We are awaiting our little guy from Luchans Last litter of Sky , This will be our fifth Golden but our first from Luchans Goldens. I must say this has been the best experience we have encountered and we are overwhelmed with the care and continued updates and support from Debbie

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