Luchan Reg’d Goldens

Puppy Placement Procedure:

The first step you should take when thinking about acquiring a puppy is to make sure that you know you are acquiring a young dog and a long term companion. Puppies grow into dogs that normally live from 10 to 15 years. Do you have the time and energy to commit to this long term love affair? Do you have the resources? This does not require a big house in the country but you will need a place where you can provide daily exercise for your dog.

Your initial costs will include the puppy ($3000+), a crate ($125), 2nd and 3rd vaccinations ($75 x 2), puppy school ($160+), plus stainless steel bowls, lead, toys, etc.

Ongoing costs should be planned for. Dogs eat food- quite a bit! They also need an annual vet visit, training and heartworm medication. Beyond your initial investment, the annual cost will surely be over $1000.

If you do want a dog, do you want a Golden? They shed. Lots!! If you don’t like dog hair on your clothes and in your home, I think another breed would be a better choice. They are not watch dogs or guard dogs. It is said, that if someone broke in, they would show them where the good silver is kept and even help carry it out. Of course we think they are wonderful. Many are excellent bird dogs for hunting.

If you are interested in a puppy from Luchan, the next step is to fill out a questionnaire. It is on our website at or I can print you a copy. This is to help us determine if one of our Goldens will be a fit for your situation.

If it looks promising, we will invite you to meet us and the dogs. In some cases, we can do a phone interview. If that goes well and we agree on the contract terms, then we put you on a waiting list. Order on the list is determined by date of receipt of a completed questionnaire. Since this is a biological process, we will not know if or how many puppies there will be for sure until they are born. We will keep you informed by e-mail of breedings and expected puppies. If you find a puppy from another litter before we have a puppy for you, just let us know.

When we are expecting a litter, we will let you know when they are expected and confirm the price of puppies from that litter. Once the puppies are a week old, we first call the homes that are taking dogs for competition and then the pet homes until all the puppies are spoken for. At that time a deposit is required to hold a puppy for you.

If you cannot take a puppy at that time, do not want a puppy from that litter or a puppy of the gender available, you can decline or opt to stay on the list for the next litter.

As the puppies grow, you will be invited to visit and to help socialize them. You are also welcome to express preferences for a particular puppy and your reasons. Sometime in the 7th or 8th week, we will make the decisions about which puppy will fit best in each new home and let you know. Normally puppies go to their new homes shortly after their first vaccinations and vet examination at around 8 weeks old. They cannot go before that time. We will be happy to consult about crates and leads and other equipment you will need when you get home, and we provide a package that includes pedigrees, documentation of the parents’ certifications, some of the food your puppy has been eating and other goodies.


Luchan Goldens