Luchan Goldens is very excited about our upcoming breeding!

Sky & Orion

We have decided to breed to Orion for our next litter and will be expecting some lovely performance puppies!  Orion is a keen competitor in the field and has Titles to prove it!  I have seen this boy in competition and he is driven, biddable and just plain happy to work!!  He is also the best floofy couch partner at his house when he’s not out chasing birds. This will be Sky’s third and final litter and we are so excited to see what this combination produces. Puppies expected mid April, so stay tuned for updates!  ***Please see update below!

Pedigree for this litter:  Sky & Orion














                               Sky                                                                                                                           Orion



Our ultrasound today has indicated we should be expecting 6-8 babies!  We are over the moon excited!  Due date is April 15 / 16, 2020. 

These puppies are all reserved.